Refining of vegetable oils

The key objective of the vegetable oil refining project is to develop a novel, vitamin-based solution for removal of fatty acids and carcinogens from vegetable oils, such as palm oil. It is essential that fatty acids are removed from palm oil before it is deemed fit for human consumption.  The current industrial practices have disadvantages that we seek to overcome e.g. high oil losses and waste generation.

Efficient Recycling Technology by GLT

The technology GLT has developed can remove almost all fatty acids in the oil whilst simultaneously removing carcinogens and other impurities.  Additionally, GLT’s approach enables the regeneration of the materials used, thus eliminating waste. 

Refining of Biodiesel and Biodiesel Feedstocks

The key objective of this project is to remove a number of impurities which impact on the production of biodiesel.  GLT has developed an aqueous-additive technology which can be implemented either upstream or downstream of the biodiesel production facility.  Current industrial practices impinge on the range and quality of biodiesel feedstocks that can be used to produce ultra-pure biodiesel.

Clean and sustainable Recycling

The technology developed can remove sulfur, gums and fatty acids enabling the production of high-quality biodiesel from previously inaccessible feedstocks.  As this additive can also be recycled, the production of waste is minimised.  We are currently focused on finding suitable scale-up solutions.