Earlier this year, we were delighted to welcome Stockton South MP, Matt Vickers to our Wilton Centre site to learn about our proprietary waste PET plastic recycling technology.

“It was fantastic to visit Green Lizard Technologies and Poseidon Plastics and see first-hand how these Teesside companies are developing revolutionary chemical processes which will have a substantial positive impact on our environment. 

Poseidon Plastic’s remarkable technology recycles a range of PET waste plastics, which would otherwise be discarded in landfill and provides a step change to address the plastics crisis facing the UK.

Whilst the big leagues of ICI no longer exist, I was also thrilled to learn of the vast expansion plans GLT have for developing Teesside into a hub for the green chemical industry. The future jobs that these two companies will create will have a massive benefit to Stockton South and the wider Teesside area.” – Matt Vickers MP. 

We look forward to welcoming Matt back soon to update him on our continued development and exciting plans for the rest of the year.